Sean Hully is a multi-instrumentalist and vocalist based in Peterborough, Ontario, Canada. His music is based in pop and draws from rock, folk, and jazz. Currently, he is planning a follow-up album to his CD Interaction. He has been known as a saxophonist for most of his career.

Sean has played many genres of music: choirs, guitar rock, funk, rhythm and blues, big band jazz, Latin, classical saxophone, folk, hard-bop, medieval, electroacoustic music, and musical theatre pit orchestras. Career highlights include working for Carnival Cruise Lines and with various tributes to Billy Joel, Elton John, Tina Turner and Bob Seger.

He continues to grow, and he believes that he has finally found his own style. Using the nylon string guitar as a foundation, he augments live shows with saxophone, flute, and other instruments he plays. He covers a variety of music suitable for easy-listening environments.

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