Split Brain

Even after my attempts to focus on one area of music, jazz keeps pulling me back in. Last night, I played one last jazz gig at the venue where my old band The Sean Hully Jazz Group played once a…Read more

My Completed Renovation

I'm still settling back in to my renovated studio, but it's been complete for a couple of weeks. It's 10 am, and I have to leave for sound check soon for my matinee gig with the Peterborough Pop Ensemble. I'm…Read more

Getting Through The Holidays

I have had no serious performances for a couple of months, so I've been turning my attention to recording songs and renovating my studio Bird House Music.
My "office" is currently in the cold basement of an old house,… Read more

Struggling With A Descriptive Term

A well-know term that quickly and accurately describes my music act has been bothering me. It's a term that rolls off the tongue beautifully and has been around for perhaps a century. The term is "one-man band."

What bothers me…Read more


My career is in a state of flux. I now have a full night of covers after tweaking and adding tunes over the summer. There is still more refining to do for sure, but my show is more or less…Read more

Creativity Strikes At Unexpected Times

It's a quiet time for me with nothing on the horizon until the end of July. I've noticed many of my musician friends have been quite busy. I said aloud, "everyone is gigging but me."
My mind went to the… Read more

Incremental Discovery Tonight

Practicing music is a little like doing science. You must experiment, repeat, experiment, repeat...until something goes right and a breakthrough is made, even if it is miniscule. Every realization makes a performer better. Sometimes, the breakthrough happens when not searching…Read more

Getting Back At It After Three Weeks

April was a crazy-busy month between my own lesson studio, giving lessons at two high schools, coaching saxophone at a community band, and being on a committee for organizing a mini-jazz festival honouring International Jazz Day. My own contribution to…Read more

A Small, Meaningful Act Can Lead to Great Things

I haven't done anything great that has had any kind of impact, except for one time. I did something small and easy, yet important. Several years ago, city council was going to cut funding to local transit. I was opposed…Read more

A New Year

I woke up thinking about new beginnings this Labour Day. For me, the first Tuesday in September has always been a new year. School resumes, I'm refreshed after the summer, and ready to get back into a routine.

I then…Read more

The "Simon" Method of Practising a Lick

I was working on a melodic phrase on the guitar today. I was getting a bit frustrated because I could play the phrase intuitively on the saxophone but not on guitar. Intellectually I knew it, but the guitar mechanics were…Read more