Open Mic After Party

Historic Red Dog, 189 Hunter St. West, Peterborough, Ontario

Come this Thursday, July 26th to celebrate Peterborough’s cresting wave of Open Mics, Open Stages, Jams and Featured Artist Series ! Show starts at 9 pm, and goes until last call ! Special guests include Open Mic hosts and performers, local Hip Hop artists, and a couple of surprises, including The Boo Radley Project, an eight piece Funk, Indie, Jazz band from Guelph, Ontario, and the up and coming Matt Greco Band. At 9 pm, there will be a Sign Up at the Red Dog for Open Mic spots that may still be available. Peterborough currently has over sixteen open mics, stages, jams and featured artist series to check out ! Go to for the complete listing. Huge thanks to The Red Dog, KawarthaNOW, Peterborough Inn & Suites, and Black Honey for sponsoring this event. Contact 705 808 5175 for more information.