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A note from Sean

If you like the music I create,  consider subscribing to this website. As a fan at a $5.00 level, or a superfan at the $20 level, you will be my patron, just as  Prince Esterhhzy of Austria was the patron of Franz Joseph Haydn. I'm not comparing myself to the Master, but the idea of patronage is the same and it is coming back. What is old is new again! 

Listed below are the benefits of being a fan and my first three goals. If you have an idea for a benefit, let me know. Thank you - Sean


  • Early access to new songs, albums, and works in progress
  • Access to unpublished catalog (streams and sometimes downloads)
  • Wholesale merch 
  • Exclusive online shows
  • Questions about playing
  • Sheet music

My Goals

Breakdown of how many monthly subscribers at the $5.00 level can help:

  • 3 subscribers covers this website
  • 25 subscribers covers internet and telephone expenses
  • 100 subscribers covers studio space for artistic and product development

Goal 1: 3 Subscribers ($15/month)

Goal 2: 28 Subscribers ($140/month)

Goal 3: 128 subscribers ($640/month)