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  1. Tides

From the recording Interaction

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I want to fly like Superman and see the people on the ground
Their matchbox cities spreading on across the land.
Living out their puny lives, they can’t imagine what they’ve done.
Stepping on each other’s dreams so they can touch the sun.

But what do they do when the lights go out
Or disaster looms or war breaks out?
United they stand and divided they fall
Their hearts are filled with fire and gaul
Until the enemy is gone.

I want to fly like Superman and go to every single town
To find the poisons that brew ill before the stew is done.
There is no land that’s sacred now
Industry gets right-of-way.
Incorporated agriculture feeds the ones who can pay.

What do they do when the air grows thin
And the moonlight’s clouded by mortal sin?
Together they look inside their hearts
And beat the drum of a brand new start
Until the last day has come.

Every time I turn around I see a tide approaching!
No one sees it coming
Panicking and running they fly about
Trying not to drown in a wave of change!

The tide is low, the water’s gone
Medicine goes down with jam
Sweet relief and celebration ripples through the land.
Smarter now, but humbled too
They try to find some better way
Because no Superman is there to come and save the day.

But what do they do when the good times roll
And material treasures can rape their souls?
People take care the tide will return
The dykes will burst and the cities will burn.
Lessons studied, but never learned.