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Go About Your Business

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From his unassuming music studio in semi-urban Ontario, Sean Hully creates indie pop music that draws on his diverse music education and experience. Primarily a saxophonist, Sean prioritizes melody, and blends his woodwind instruments orchestrally into his concept of Chamber Pop.

He began working with a loop pedal in 2015, covering songs that included saxophone or flute. People took notice of his unique approach to playing covers, which resulted in return visits to clubs and festivals. Through playing live, Sean found his sound, so he recorded a live video of “Go About Your Business” in 2017. The studio version of “Go About Your Business” is close to his live version with additional instrumentation.

Sean gravitates towards music that uses orchestral instruments, and this is reflected in the music he writes. As a side effect, he hopes his music will inspire the return of the saxophone and other orchestral instruments to pop music, which have been steadily disappearing as music education disappears from our schools. As a private music instructor, he does what he can to train a new generation of musicians in the art of playing a wind instrument.


You can go about your business now
You can go about your life
There is nothing more to see here now
Everything's gonna be all right.

In our hearts we know what's right and what's wrong
Fear can steal away the will that makes us strong.

Watch this hockey-football-baseball game
Cheer the home team, have a ball.

We will give you entertaining lives

If you work for us on call.

We want to make it right
but what are we to do?
Collective consciousness is split
in more than two.

In our hearts we know what's right and what's wrong
Fear can steal away the will that makes us strong

You can go about your business now
Have a coffee or a beer

Please don't look for us we're rather shy
Rest assured, we are near.