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I Get Hypnotised

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Produced and recorded at Bird House Music. Vocals, guitars, keyboards, and woodwinds: Sean Hully. Drums and percussion: Brandon Munro.


I can’t look into your eyes baby
Or I’ll get hypnotised.
Pearls of blue shining in the night, never criticizing.
Oh how I wish I could see
The love you send to me
But then you whisper my name,
And I get hypnotized.

I need to tell you how I’m feeling baby,
But the cat’s got my tongue.
Smiling bright reflects the moonlight, makes me feel so young.
Oh how I wish I could say
To send love back your way
But then you hush me and draw near,
To keep me hypnotised.

I am frozen in the spot, baby.
I cannot move.
Drawing closer you take my hand.
And as you kiss me I break free from you.
No longer hypnotised.

There is nothing you can do now baby
To get me hypnotised.
That don’t mean that I don’t love you, when I look in your eyes.
Oh how I wish you could know
The love I want to show
But then you take hold of my hand.
And I get hypnotised.
Totally hypnotised.
Completely hypnotised.