Covid Reset

I'm focusing on learning my original tunes really well this month. You'd think I'd know them because I wrote them, but that's not the case! I'm developing an original set with guitar and voice.
Top of mind is good singing. I'm feeling better about my singing, but there is more to do.

My loop pedal has been put away. I feel the looper made me look gimmicky. Ironically, it was a very difficult thing to do. The concept was born as an economic strategy to utilize my guitar, voice, and woodwind skills without needing prerecorded tracks. But I feel it has failed, and I should move on. It may still be useful, as I will always have it. I put countless hours into developing the loop pedal act, so I hope I can use it some more.

I've begun writing charts of my songs so I can hire a great band when live performances return. Folks can support my career in various ways (financial and non-financial) through my website.

Seems like Covid-19 has inspired a big reset. Thanks for reading, and stay well.