Changing Focus

My last gig two weeks ago was playing solo with my guitar, looper, voice, sax, and flute. Since then, I've put my energies back into my tenor sax so I can get in form for a jazz quartet gig tomorrow. I've hired some great players for this one and I want to be able to 1) have endurance for a 3-hour gig and 2) be able to keep up with the rhythm section. I tried to choose interesting tunes while keeping it as simple as possible.

It feels good to focus on my horn again, It made me remember how much simpler my life could be with only a saxophone to play. I took my horn in for a check-up this week and now it's it in top condition, This morning, I pulled out my book Top Tones For The Saxophone to revisit my sound concept. It's amazing how deep of a rabbit hole you can go down just paying attention to tone. If only I had been patient enough 30 years ago to go through those exercises. If only, if only.... The past is done, and all that matters is tomorrow.

I've enjoyed this diversion back to playing jazz, but I'm looking forward to getting back to my recording process on Monday. Here is the poster for tomorrow.