My career is in a state of flux. I now have a full night of covers after tweaking and adding tunes over the summer. There is still more refining to do for sure, but my show is more or less in my back pocket.

No more gigs for a while, save for one next weekend at Trail Mix 2018. It will be an opportunity to present some of my original music as well as the covers I play. I plan to give away my CDs at this festival with a PWYC tip jar concept. I need to declutter, as I have plenty of CDs that I have been holding onto for too long. I will also try out my new banner, which should be good advertising for people walking by. It will be my first foray out of my home area.

I will be renovating my studio in January, and I'm already thinking about moving my stuff into storage in December. I'm trying to declutter now, but that is difficult because I use pretty much everything I own. I think my main strategy will be looking for better and more attractive storage options.

I am craving the renovation now as my studio is looking tired and worn. I have an energetic and grounding colour scheme in mind, inspired by a local Thai restaurant that has Feng Shui decor. The painter is lined up and the carpeting is chosen. The rest is up to me. I'd like to figure out how to hide cables that are running everywhere too. The hydro outlet locations are never convenient.