Hi everyone, I thought I'd check in. I've been quite unfocused for the last three months. It's hard to stay motivated without shows to prepare for, or not playing with other musicians. I played my sax for about 30 minutes today, and found I'm really out of shape. That's to be expected, as I haven't played it much.

A while ago, I was trying to record a song but I didn't get far with it. This past week, I've been working on a guitar lesson video to put on my YouTube channel. That's been difficult because of the technical learning curve and script writing. I've also been developing an original set of tunes using only guitar and voice. Outside of music, believe it or not, I've been brushing up on math and physics through an educational website. I'm all over the place.

I have so many things pulling at me musically, but I don't know what to focus on. I wish I had a manager to keep me on track. I'm not entrepreneurial in disposition and I don't know what people would like from me. I prefer being a "side" musician, but I have to find work for myself to keep working. I miss the days of the bigger bands because there was more work for everyone. With singles and duos being the norm, a full-time musician has to retool just to stay in the market.

There has to be a way to save my industry, as musicians are prohibited from performing until there is a vaccine, which is likely a year away. In the meantime, I continue to offer lessons and I'm fortunate that some of my students have stayed with me through this. If you have ideas or feedback, let me know.

Be well-Sean.