Incremental Discovery Tonight

Practicing music is a little like doing science. You must experiment, repeat, experiment, repeat...until something goes right and a breakthrough is made, even if it is miniscule. Every realization makes a performer better. Sometimes, the breakthrough happens when not searching for it.

I've had a long-standing problem positioning my headset microphone, and the problem was compounded by the use of a flute. If the microphone was not in a good position, the flute would hit the microphone or be too loud, causing a performance difficulty. Also I had issues with a popping sound made by the consonant "P" and "S" (a phenomenon called sibilance). I have a gig on Friday, so tonight, I thought I should practice with the microphone. The solution revealed itself to me.

I first tried to place the microphone above my lips but I discovered the sibilance was worse there. I moved the microphone farther from my face but the signal decreased. Finally, I tried placing the microphone below my lips and eureka! The sibilance disappeared, and the microphone still picked up the flute without interfering with it. I may have to increase some gain to compensate but I hope the issue is resolved now.

One less distraction from equipment means more attention to the performance. Hopefully this adjustment will do the trick on Friday!