Getting Back At It After Three Weeks

April was a crazy-busy month between my own lesson studio, giving lessons at two high schools, coaching saxophone at a community band, and being on a committee for organizing a mini-jazz festival honouring International Jazz Day. My own contribution to the festival was organizing a jazz combo workshop. Between all of that, I had no time or energy for practicing or doing anything concerning my solo act. I was stressed because I was worried I would be set back from being out of shape and not prepared for my next gig on May 11.

Well, I just finished my first serious practice session in about a month, and I was surprised that it went quite well. I think the long diversion actually helped to cement the songs in my head.

I believe another thing that helped was my effort to seek out better nutrition starting about two weeks ago. I found I had gained some weight over the winter, was feeling tired throughout the day, needing afternoon naps. I weighed more than I had ever before, so I resolved to get back to my normal. I am close to my normal weight again with a few more pounds to go. I replaced breakfast with a healthy shake that has lots of good stuff in it and I cut down on carbs and sugar (I can post the recipe if anyone wants it). My sugar intake was already low, but because manufacturers and restaurants put sugar in just about everything, I was even more vigilant. Lately, I have had more energy and I don't need to nap anymore. I rest up, but I don't fall asleep.

So my schedule has lightened up a lot now that the jazz festival is over . My time teaching lessons at the high schools is finished, and my coaching contract ends in two weeks. I won't be renewing either one next year so I have time for performance work. I have also decided not to play slow pitch this summer to free up my Sundays. My studio seems to have a good footing with enough students. Next year, I will be restricting lesson times between the hours of 3 and 8 pm weekdays. That should give me good blocks of time to work and take care of day-to-day things.

Now that I have some balance back, I hope to perform more and improve my act. I feel good going forward.