A New Year

I woke up thinking about new beginnings this Labour Day. For me, the first Tuesday in September has always been a new year. School resumes, I'm refreshed after the summer, and ready to get back into a routine.

I then thought of the calendar New Year and realized how unmeaningful it is to me. I can't get excited at the stroke of midnight when a four-digit number increases by 1. I've worked as a musician on many New Year's Eves and I have to fake being excited at midnight, but at least I'm playing Auld Lang Syne to cover it up. I wonder how many other people fake it too, or just go to bed early that night. When you think about it, January 1st is in the middle of the dark, cold, Canadian winter. It is after the Christmas season, people are tired, have less money, and don't go out much. It's a dark, cold month and a continuation of what I stopped doing in December. Maybe I'm just thinking like a jaded Gen-Xer again.

September has so many things starting or changing, and this year I am genuinely optimistic going forward. I'm a little sad that summer is finished, but there are new beginnings ahead. Perhaps it's because my life is linked with the education system. For those people who love the January 1st New Year, you still have your big party in less than four months. I'll be busy playing Auld Lang Syne in a small town in Quebec. Quebecers know how to party though.