Split Brain

Even after my attempts to focus on one area of music, jazz keeps pulling me back in. Last night, I played one last jazz gig at the venue where my old band The Sean Hully Jazz Group played once a month. After I wrapped that band up, it continued under the name Jazzmania, and they continued with the monthly performances there. However, the venue (under new ownership), effectively fired the band because they weren't selling enough drinks. Age-old reaction: blame the band! The band had competent players and was only playing for tips anyway. I am predicting the venue will either change hands, stop having live music, or go out of business in a year with that kind of policy.

I played two days solo at Maplefest in mid-March, and I am back again this Saturday. I also have a jazz quartet show on April 14 and a production show on April 27 where I'm back on saxophone. I initially put my saxophone on the back burner so I could focus on one musical thing and try to do it well. However, I keep being pulled back to the saxophone with one situation or another. The jazz I played last night wasn't financially beneficial, but it was socially and spiritually gratifying. The other two shows have acceptable compensation, but again, they take up time with preparation. It splits my brain. I'm not sure if that is a good thing or if it is holding me back.

I'm self-learning how to engineer recordings too. I'm working on a studio version of my song Go About Your Business. This is a live version with my looper.

I have all the instruments recorded, but I may add another rhythm guitar track to beef it up a bit. I've learned about EQ and compression on rhythm section instruments so far. I still have a ways to go before it is ready.

At least my personal energy is rebounding again after a disappointing week off I had from my teaching practice in March. I think I was simply exhausted. I will get this recording out there by the summer.