New Song Recording Finished

This week, I completed my first polished recording since I released Interaction in 2002. Seventeen years. That's a long time. I've done so much since then.

I have another album's worth of material in me, but I've decided to release songs as singles for now. The idea of recording an album is simply too daunting because this time, I am doing the engineering as well as writing and performing. By releasing a series of singles, I hope to feel more accomplished and less stressed.

I would love to go back into the studio with a pro engineer, and even a producer, but for now, I should do as much as I can on my own. I have been learning audio engineering and my software with a tutorial series on YouTube by MusicTechHelpGuy, which has been awesome. My new song Go About Your Business was mixed and mastered using his methods and advice. I still have a lot to learn about audio engineering, but my skills will solidify with more experience.

I did a live video recording of Go About Your Business in 2017. I used a loop pedal on the guitar for percussive effects and guitar layering.

The studio version sounds fuller with additional drums, bass, acoustic guitar, electric piano, and flute. I'm still mulling a release date as I get the other pieces in place.

I believe my new genre going forward is chamber pop. My music is melodic, has defined arrangements, and uses elements of classical music. I also add jazz elements, so perhaps that is my contribution to the genre.