Long Day In The Studio

My goal is to release at least one song this summer. Today I managed to record the guitar part, although it was with great difficulty. The part has a sixteenth-note funk rhythm, but I could not get it locked into the groove. It sounded fine to me while I was recording it, but when I listened back, it wasn't in the pocket. So, thinking it was my own inadequacy, I started to record it in smaller segments with the metronome on sixteenth note sub-divisions. This worked better, but there were still problems with the groove. Finally, after many hours, I began wondering if my computer was having latency issues with some of the plug-ins I had running. I turned off all the effects, but this didn't solve anything. After more frustration, I re-discovered the low-latency mode in the software's preferences. After I turned on low-latency mode, everything was easy. I actually recorded the entire guitar track in one take.

Hopefully it will be smoother from here on out. Next will be the bass part.