Porch Concert

On Friday August 14, I was invited to perform the last set of a local porch concert. It was a lovely summer evening. Unfortunately, I have no photos to share. There were three other acts that were very different. The first act was a guitar/bass duo playing country/folk/comedy tunes, followed by a indigenous singer, then a fire twirler. It was difficult to follow such a hot act! (I know, bad joke...boo!)

So, I'm trying to decided where to go from here. I spent most of last week preparing for the porch concert. I have several things to accomplish. I want to get back to my recording studio, make some videos for YouTube, and continue working on my classical guitar. I'm confident to take my Level 5 guitar exam now, as I've begun working on my Level 6 material. However, I think I will wait until live exams are available again. Having an exam by Zoom is not appealing to me. One of my students is taking her Level 4 exam today, so I'm thinking of her. I may end up taking my Level 5 exam at the same time as her. unless things open up for the January exam sessions. I also want to stream some more shows on Street Jelly, but it's difficult for me to do that lately for personal reasons.